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Here are some glimpses into our collections. The Flickr slideshows of images below show correspondence between Doris Lessing and a literary agent and publisher concerning the publication of her first novel, The Grass is Singing, originally entitled 'Black and White'. Further below are two love letters from a collection of 100 love letters, gifted to the archive in 2008 and shown here for the first time. The full collection of original letters can be viewed in our archive reading room.

These exhibits are also provided in high resolution via PDF:

First Novel Correspondence  [, 5.2MB]; Whitehorn Letter #20  [, 3.8MB]; Whitehorn Letter #92 [, 4.8MB]

Doris Lessing Archive - First novel correspondence Doris Lessing Archive - First novel correspondence

Doris Lessing - Publisher correspondence regarding her first novel.

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Doris Lessing - Whitehorn Letters Doris Lessing - Whitehorn Letters

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