A-Z listing of UEA Archives A-Z listing of UEA Archives

Naomi Alderman Archive (Literature)

Tash Aw Archive (Literature)

Richard Beard Archive (Literature)

Malcolm Bradbury Archive (Literature; UEA)

British Archive for Contemporary Writing (BACW)

G.S. Callendar Archive (Climate)

Amit Chaudhuri Archive (Literature)

Mark Cocker Archive (Nature writing)

Andrew Cowan Archive (Literature)

Roger Deakin Archive (Nature writing)

Robert Edric Archive (Literature)

Everest Collection (Photographic collection)

Fisher Theatre, Bungay

Anthony Grey Archive (Literature)

Charlie Higson Archive (Literature; comedy)

Hill Papers (Politics; Agriculture)

Holloway Collection (20th-century culture; Printed ephemera)

Alan Hunter Archive (Literature)

Isokon Trust (Architecture & Design)

Kenney Papers (Suffragettes)

H.H. Lamb Archive (Climate)

Doris Lessing Archive (Literature)

Literary Festival Archive see UEA Literary Festival Archive

Literary Translation Archive

MA Creative Writing Course

Stefan Muthesius' Papers (Architecture; UEA)

Peterborough Literary Society

Pevsner Art Catalogue Collection (Printed ephemera)

Charles Pick Archive (Publishing)

Pritchard Papers (Architecture & Design)

Lorna Sage Archive (Literature)

J.D. Salinger - Hartog Letters (Literature)

W.G. Sebald Audiovisual Archive (Nature writing)

George Szirtes Archive (Literature)

Sara Taylor Archive (Literature)

Theatre Quarterly Archive (Theatre; Journalism)

Frank Thistlethwaite Archive (UEA)

Tinkler & Williams' Theatre Collection

UEA Collection

UEA Literary Festival Archive

AP Watt Archive (Publishing)

Snoo Wilson Archive (Literature)

Zuckerman Archive (Science; Scientific policy; WWII)