UEA Library at 50 (1968-2018) UEA Library at 50 (1968-2018)

25 October 2018 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the official opening of UEA Library. Designed by Denys Lasdun and Partners in the mid-sixties, this grade II listed building has repeatedly extended and transformed itself to meet the rapidly changing needs of its users.

For fifty years the Library has played a central role in the social, creative and academic life of UEA students and staff. Open 24/7, 365, the Library shows no sign of slowing down, receiving over 1.5 million visits each year and over 6 million digital visits; living every day to the fullest and looking forward to many more decades of service.

Display in Library Foyer (12 Oct - 14 Dec) Display in Library Foyer (12 Oct - 14 Dec)

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Alumni memories #1 Baby-sitting from a distance 

Alumni memories #2 Carrels, King Lear and grey matter

Alumni memories #3 A reverential retreat and those disappearing stairs

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