Talis and Windows 10 Talis and Windows 10

Please note that the Talis "Add to My Bookmarks" functionality is not currently compatible with the Microsoft Edge web browser, as Edge does not currently support bookmarklets.  We are working with ITCS and Talis Support to try and find a solution to this issue, but we would recommend using the Google Chrome web browser to create, edit, and update your reading lists in the meantime.

The Google Chrome web browser can be found in the UEA Application Catalogue under the "Web Browsers" category.

Talis for core reading Talis for core reading

I can't find my list or module I can't find my list or module

I can't find the 2018/19 version of my reading list

First check you're logged into Talis.  Draft reading lists are only visible to logged in academic and library staff, to prevent students from accidentally discovering draft "work in progress" lists.  You can log in via the "Log In" option in the top black navigation bar on Talis.

If you're logged in and still can't find your 2018/19 reading list, there are two main causes for this issue:

1) Your 2017/18 version of the reading list is still in DRAFT and was never published.  Only published reading lists are rolled over automatically.  To fix this, you can update your 2017/18 DRAFT list to the latest time period by clicking on the Edit menu in your reading list, and selecting Copy.  You can then change the time period to 2018/2019, then click Create List. Then you can review and edit your 2018/19 DRAFT before RE-PUBLISHING it once you are happy with it.

2) There is no reading list for the module in question.  While a significant number of modules will have reading lists from previous years, not all modules will.  To fix this:

a) if you think there should be a past list(s) for the module, contact lib.reading@uea.ac.uk

b) if you know there is not yet a list for the module, follow the instructions for creating a new reading list. We've got guidance on how to create a new reading list on our Get Started page, and we'd be happy to organise a training session on how to create a Talis list if you'd like some further help.  Contact Lib.Reading@uea.ac.uk if you've got any questions or would like to organise a training session.

I can't find my module

While the Talis system is regularly updated with information about the modules currently being run by UEA, there is a chance new module(s) may be missing from the system.  If you can't find your module on Talis, contact Lib.Reading@uea.ac.uk and we'll get it added as soon as possible.

Other Frequently Asked Questions Other Frequently Asked Questions

There were scans on my 17/18 list, why aren't they on my 18/19 list?

Scans need to be rolled over as well and this can only be done after the Reading Lists have been rolled over. The Library will be rolling over scans in early July and you do not need to do anything. Afterwards, you will be able to see that scans are linked to the list, but you will not be able to view them until September 1st - this is due to CLA restrictions.

I'm not the module leader anymore, how can I give the list to someone else?

The new module leader needs to have a profile - if they haven't, they should click Log In then Create Profile to get started. You can then go to the List in question and click Edit > Assign List Owner. Click Remove next to your name, search for the new name and click Assign. Their name will now appear at the top of the list. They should also click 'Add to My Lists' so that the list appears under their My List heading for easy access.

My list is linked to the wrong module code, can I change it?

Yes, click Edit > Link to Hierarchy then click Remove next to the old module code. Type the new code into the search box and click the module that appears to link the list to it. If you can't find the new code in the system, that means we haven't added it yet - just email Lib.Reading@uea.ac.uk and we will set it up for you.

I have been working on a draft list, what should I do with it?

Draft lists have not been rolled over. To update a draft list to the latest time period click Edit > Set Time Period and change the time period to 2018/2019, then click Edit > Publish.

I have created a profile, but I cannot edit my list?

A small number of staff profiles have not automatically been given editing rights. If after creating a profile, you cannot see an Edit button at the top of your reading list, please email Lib.Reading@uea.ac.uk and we will manually grant you editing rights.

I'm updating an existing list and want to re-use a bookmark that's already on the list, but it's not in my bookmarks - do I have to bookmark it all over again?

You can add a bookmark that's already on your list (or on any other list!) to your bookmarks so that you can reuse it. Click on the title of the item, then click 'Add to my bookmarks.' It will now appear at the top of your bookmarks, without you having to go to the source and bookmark it again.

There are items on my list that are wrongly described as ‘core’ reading, how do I change this?

Click Edit > Edit List to view the Editing screen. Next to the items that you want to change, click ‘Edit notes and importance’ then change the importance level in the drop down menu. Click Publish when you’re done, otherwise students won’t see the changes. See the ‘Editing your Reading List’ guide on our Help and Training page for more details.

How can I see whether the scans I’ve requested have been completed?

To quickly view scans on your list click Filter > Digitised resources. This will show you only items with scans attached.

To see whether a scan has already been requested, click Edit > Edit list and look next to each item. If a scan has been requested you will see “digitisation pending.”

See the ‘How to Request Scans...’ guide and video on our Help and Training page for more details.

The list 2018/19 list on Talis is very different from the version I’m teaching this year, can you change it?

It’s very easy to make changes to the list yourself, please see the 'Editing your Reading List' and 'Adding Items to your Reading List' guide on our Help and Training page. If you have trouble with any of the instructions please contact us on Lib.Reading@uea.ac.uk and we will do our best to help.

Glossary Glossary


An individual item on your Reading List e.g. a book or article


The browser button that allows you to create Bookmarks. The bookmarklet searches the metadata of the page you are on and fills in as many details as possible into the bookmarking screen for you to check and save into your bookmarks.


A PDF scan of a book chapter or article


Stands for Digital Object Identifier and is used to differentiate between online articles. A common format for a DOI is a string of numbers and letters, that may or may not have decimal points in, separated by a forward slash, for example 10.1000/182.


Information about a resource e.g. title, author and publication date.


A review sends your completed reading list, along with any supplied student number information to the library and means that your readings and library notes will be assessed, books moved and purchased, where possible.


An annual process which creates an identical copy of your list for the next academic year in draft form for you to edit.

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