What are online reading lists? What are online reading lists?

Online Reading Lists enable academic staff to create interactive, online reading lists that link directly to online materials and provide information about finding printed materials in the Library. The system is a direct response to students' requests for better access to Library resources.

Access Online Reading Lists

If you're a first time user, visit our Get Started page for an introductory guide to Online Reading Lists.  You can also email Lib.Reading@uea.ac.uk if you have any questions about Online Reading Lists or need any help.

We strongly recommend using the Google Chrome web browser when working with Talis reading lists.

How To Guides How To Guides

Rollover 18/19 Rollover 18/19

All online reading lists have been rolled over, with 2018/19 reading lists now available for updating. These lists will contain all the content already present on the 2017/18 lists, so you will only need to add new readings and/or edit the order of the list.

Academic colleagues are asked to have Reading Lists for Semester 1 and Year long modules published on the Talis Aspire system by 31st July. This is to allow the library sufficient time to order new books and eBooks in time for the start of teaching. We will still accept reading lists published via the system all the way through to the start of the semester and beyond, but priority will be given on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

Find out more about the 2018/19 reading lists rollover, including a quick guide to updating your lists, on our Rollover page.

Training Dates Training Dates

Drop Ins

You can drop in to CTEL to get support. Basic enquiries can be answered in Blackboard Breakfasts (8:15am - 9:15am, Monday - Friday) and TEL Top Ups (4pm-5pm, Monday to Friday).

We also run weekly drop in sessions focused on reading lists.  The Talis Tuesday sessions run 2pm-4pm every Tuesday, and some sessions are offered as a webinar in case you can't make it in person.

Training Sessions

One to one appointments in your office or the Library are available and training sessions can be arranged for individuals, pairs, or groups at a time convenient to you. Please email Lib.Reading@uea.ac.uk to discuss.