What Are Interactive Learning Objects?

Interactive learning objects are standalone items of content that can be included in your online course enabling students to engage with your content at their own pace.

An interactive learning object can be a simple as taking an existing PowerPoint slide and turning it into a really useful content item. It can include quizzes, interactions, simulations or custom content.

Quizzes can either be graded or surveys and can include an array of question types such as true/false, multiple choice, multiple response, matching (drag and drop), fill in the blank, likert scale, etc. Students can get immediate feedback during or at the end of the quiz, can view/review results and retake the quiz if allowed.

Interactions can take the form of a list of FAQs, a timeline, an interactive book or a directory. Although these are the primary styles of interaction, they can be adapted to suit may different content styles. For example, we have adapted a timeline interaction to make a Meet the Team page.

Simulations can be used as a guided tutorial, you can suggest different options and based on the response given, the student is taken down a different path.

We currently use two authoring tools to create interactive learning objects called iSpring and Storyline.

Plagiarism Training

Plagiarism Training

This plagiarism training was designed for the Law School to make students aware of what plagiarism is, how it is identified and the consequences for assessment.

Psychology Research

Psychology Research Design and Analysis

The focus on this content created for the School of Psychology was consistency and clarity through the course. The structure includes an introduction, how to navigate, aim and learning outcomes followed by key points at the end along with a feedback survey and quiz content.

OSCE Training

OSCE Training

This example was created for the Medical School and includes many elements including branching based on student response, video, document uploads and includes animation on every slide.

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