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I Love Arts & Humanities

This project was to design an introduction to students of Humanities which they had access to even before they arrived at UEA for their first year. The site comprised of a multitude of interactive and engaging activities which lead into activities that students would partake in when they were physically on campus.


Sustainable Purchasing Training

This course commissioned by the UEA's Purchasing department was an effort to efficiently teach staff with financial responsibilities about sustainable purchasing and explanations as to why UEA have chosen their policies. There are a number of steps in this course mixed with audio-visual content and a formative test.


Snettisham Treasure Trove

Not all audio visual material needs to be created from scratch. There is lots of available AV that will be relevant to your subject and can be uploaded to your Blackboard course for your students to enjoy in their own time. Alternatively consider encouraging your students to recommend AV assets that they have found themselves. This short film, repurposed from the East Anglian Film Archive and used on UEA’s online UK Heritage course is interesting to current students both for its still relevant content and for the contrast it provides with similar contemporary documentaries.  

Science Student Zone

This project was a re-imagination of how the Faculty of Science presented vital information to its students. Previously this was spread across a number of Blackboard organisations but we were able to amalgamate them into a central resource so that the science schools could work collaboratively.


DEV Student Zone

This was a recent ground up resdesign of the DEV student infomation site. We incorporated an entirely new interface so that students could access important information quickly and simply and even added a system to report issues with the site as well as creating a one stop shop for sending out important information.



I Love Arts & Humanities

I would say that the site looks very good (much better than Blackboard usually does), is easy and logical to use. Additionally it work well in terms of making information accessible to students (and staff) and in demonstrating the potential for and ways in which Blackboard could be used for flipped classroom activities.

Galit Hart Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Sustainable Purchasing Training

I have been really pleased with the Sustainable Purchasing Training. With your assistance the training package was produced quickly and efficiently and has given us a unique training module that has already been accessed by over 400 members of staff.  It has also saved us the cost of a professional developer and in fact the module you have produced looks far more professional than the one the developer made for us a few years ago

Claire Woodcroft UEA Purchasing

Research & Enterprise Training

I would like to thank the team for their help in creating this. We are extremely happy with the way it looks thanks for helping to design this. We are also pleased with how easy it is to upload the information we wish to share onto the site and the first feedback from staff using this site has been positive.

Emily Stewart-Rayner Research and Enterprise Services

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