What is Collaborate?

Collaborate is a simple, convenient and reliable web conferencing solution built for education. Once it is running, everyone should feel like they're in the same room together, regardless of their location or device. It integrates with Blackboard, so all members of each Blackboard site are only a couple of clicks away from a live interaction with each other. It enables lecturers to share whatever is on their screens, talk, and stream lectures. Students can ask questions, chat, raise their hands and answer polls. If the lecturer chooses, students can also share their screens and audio. Your lecturer may also choose to record the Collaborate session so that you can access them afterwards. 


How can I access it?

Unless indicated otherwise by your lecturer, you’ll be able to find the link to Collaborate by clicking on the “Live Module Webinars or Streamed Lectures” link on the Remote Teaching tab in your Blackboard site. Your lecturer will advise on whether you should join the General Course Room or a specific session. 


Getting Started with Collaborate

Your lecturer may be planning to replace a lecture, seminar or office hours with a Blackboard Collaborate session. If they are, they will advise you and will tell you either where to find the course room on your Blackboard site or send you a link to follow. If you have not used Blackboard Collaborate before and would like to test your audio, you can do so using your module's Colalborate course room. To access your Collaborate course room: 

  1. click on the Remote Teaching link in your module's menu
  2. click Live Module Webinars or Streamed Lectures
  3. your course room will be the session listed at the very top - click to join this session and test your audio


Further Guidance

If you require further guidance on how to use Collaborate, you can access Blackboard’s help resources by clicking here.