Echo360 VideoLibrary

What is it?

Echo360 Blackboard VideoLibrary is an online space for sharing audio and videos. The space is accessible via Blackboard so all members of the Blackboard site can access the videos there. Students can interact with videos by sharing comments, indicating sections that confuse them, and asking questions.

How can I upload a video?

The Echo360 Blackboard VideoLibrary is a place to store videos for the students on your Blackboard course. The students can access these videos, view them, and interact with them. The content does not have to be created or captured in the Echo capture tool. If you have any audio files or videos that you would like to share with students, you can upload it directly to the library. This means that you can create videos in any system you are familiar with (for example PowerPoint MP4, Camtasia MP4 or video from your phone). 

Upload by clicking on the “Echo360 Blackboard VideoLibrary” link on the Remote Teaching tab in your Blackboard site. [show/hide screenshot]

The very first time an Instructor clicks on the link it will need to be configured. To do this, under the "Link to existing section home page" heading, select the relevant module and then click "Continue". [show/hide screenshot]

Subsequent clicks of the link will take you directly to the Echo360 Blackboard VideoLibrary for this course. This is roughly the same page as the students will see if they click on this link. [show/hide screenshot]

Click on “New Class”, give the ‘class’ a name (the date perhaps), and click "OK". Then click on the + next to the class that you created, select "Add video", select "Upload a file", and browse to where you saved your video. [show/hide screenshot]

More help can be found here.

How can students interact with my uploaded videos?

Students can ask questions and make comments on specific slides or timed points in the lecture. They can respond to other student’s comments and can flag a timepoint or slide as ‘confusing’. Find more help about what students can do here.

Where is a template email/announcement for me to send to my students?

"Dear all, as it is hard for us all to get together for our session today, I have recorded today’s lecture for you to watch online. I have uploaded this capture onto the Echo360 Blackboard VideoLibrary in our Blackboard module. Echo360 will allow you to interact with the video, for example you can ask questions in the chat or respond to other students. I will also respond to questions. I have named the capture with the title “Capture 10th March”

You will find it by clicking on Echo360 Blackboard VideoLibrary in the Remote Teaching tab in our Blackboard Course. Find more advice here. Looking forward to seeing you."