Students who have already completed your module can be a great resource for your current students and fellow students’ interpretations can be very accessible as a learning tool. A good way to bring student voice and interpretation into your delivery is to make an audio-visual or short film with them and upload it to your Blackboard Course. Similarly, live discussions demonstrating varied views of a particular topic can be thought-provoking and engaging but difficult to arrange with everyone’s busy timetable. Create an audio-visual asset of a panel discussion and upload it to your Blackboard course to give you greater time-flexibility for arrangements and to allow your students to enjoy in their own time. 

The use of Genetic Science in Medicine

This panel discussion was recorded in the UEA TV studio for students in UEA’s MED school. It is a good example of a learning resource that engages students and allows them the opportunity to position themselves within a continuum of understanding.

BSc Paramedicine

This film was made in the UEA television studio and is an excellent example of the use of student voice to facilitate learning. Tony Haley created it with the intention of preparing new students for their work placements in the ambulance service. The film encourages students to describe elements of work placement that took them by surprise while the academic helps to put these insights into the context of the course material to come. Fellow students’ interpretations can be very accessible as a learning tool. Creating an audio-visual asset of students’ voices removes difficulties around synchronising timetables and it can be used by successive cohorts of students or re-made each year.

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