Practical demonstrations can be an extremely effective way to convey information. However different students can take in this kind of learning at differing speeds and making sure everyone has a good view of the demonstration is not easy in a large group. Audio-visual is an ideal medium to demonstrate practical skills. The demonstrator has the luxury of repeated takes and students are able to watch, re-watch and pace to suit themselves individually. The asset can be uploaded to your Blackboard site and enjoyed by your students in their own time. Have a look at the case studies below and think about how you might be able to use a demonstration or roleplay to expand your students’ understanding.

Five Minute Cardiovascular Examination

This short film has given Dr Nair of UEAS’s MED School an opportunity to demonstrate a heart examination in a clinical setting. The benefits of capturing practical demonstrations audio-visually are, in many cases, enormous. Students can watch and re-watch in their own time and at their own pace and multiple cameras give a variety of viewpoints. 

Low Intensity CBT with Older People

This example of role play shows a low-intensity therapist introducing a therapy session to new patient. The film was made to support students from UEA’s MED school learning how to be low intensity cognitive behaviour therapists on the IAPT programme. In order to create the role play it was necessary to hire an actor and arrange an appropriate setting, however this AV asset can now be used as context for several different learning outcomes. 

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