Online delivery opens new possibilities that will enable you to describe and demonstrate in a planned and co-ordinated way. The case studies below show how academic colleagues have used animations and other visual techniques to clarify content, concepts and relationships. UEA supplies creative technologies that support these projects, or our team of digital learning designers can rapidly turn ideas into learning objects to allow you to continue to work with your students. 

Digital Assignment Repository

This project is a collaboration with various schools across the university and the Learning Enhancement Team in Student Support Services. The aim of this content is to present past examples of student assignments and to highlight the merits and sometimes the downfalls to allow students to know what they need to think about when writing assessments for their course.


Personal Assistance

We created a number of videos like this one for out 'The Role of Personal Assistants in Disability Support' online course. Using the skills of a local artist we were able to bring his creations to life using animation.

Medical Whiteboard

This project was aimed at creating a digital resource from white board drawings used in medical seminars. Previously this imagery was drawn on a physical white board and then removed at the end of the session. Working with the member of faculty we were able to recreate this as an infinite asset.

MED Prescribing Seminars

This resource was designed to provide a new way for students to follow a programme of work both within and outside of seminars. Prezi was used to produce the learning objects. Firstly because it provided an engaging way to present the information and also made it accessible to academics on the course who were not native to UEA.


Pharmacy Whiteboard

These animations were created from the slides used by Dr Anja Mueller in the School of Pharmacy. They replaced static images with something that was more engaging and more logical for students to follow.

Maths Whiteboard

This project was developed with OCR in Oxford. The concept was to visualise mathematics processes to better help students understand them. The visuals work alongside audio narration from Harriet Jones in the School of Biological Sciences.

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