VideoScribe Help Tutorials

The following video tutorials will help you get started with using VideoScribe, taking you from logging in through to publishing and sharing your finished presentation.

Getting started with VideoScribe

Learn how to

  • Create a new project
  • Find and use images
  • Add and edit text
  • Choose a soundtrack
  • Preview your scribe
  • Publish or share to social media

Create your first scene and save

Learn how to:

  • Create a new project
  • Add an image from the VideoScribe Library
  • Import an external image
  • Resize an image and move it on the canvas
  • Add some text, change the font and colour
  • Preview your scene
  • Save your project

Adding sound

Learn how to:

  • Add a soundtrack from our free library
  • Import your own soundtrack
  • Record a voiceover
  • Import your own voiceover
  • Our top tip for recording your voiceover

Editing and fine tuning your scribe

Learn how to:

  • Set a new camera position for a single element
  • Adjust timings for each element
  • Move an element in instead of drawing it
  • Amending other element settings like the hand used and rotation
  • Morph between two elements
  • Re-order elements on the timeline
  • More hand options for a single element
  • Scribe wide default hand
  • Change the canvas colour or texture
  • Preview and see all these changes in action

Publish to video or social media

Learn how to:

  • Publish to PowerPoint, Facebook and YouTube
  • Add a watermark Logo to your scribe
  • Publish to
  • Publish to a video file or image sequence

More help

For more help please visit the support pages on the VideoScribe website.