To submit a document for text matching click on View/Complete (1) in the Turnitin practice submission area.

The Assignment Class homepage will appear. Use the Submit button (2) to display the file upload screen.

Enter your name and a title for the document and click one of the Choose options (3) to select the document required for text matching.

The first page of the file selected will be displayed. Click Confirm (4) to send for processing or Cancel to choose a different document.

The confirmation screen gives details of the document submitted including the title and word count (5).

It can take anything from 10 minutes to several hours for Turnitin to check a document. The word Processing will appear in the Similarity column until the check has completed (6).

When matching has finished, a percentage score such as 8% will be displayed (7). This is a measure of the proportion of content matched against other essays, reports or web pages held in the Turnitin databases. It is not a measure of plagiarism. Clicking on the score will display the Originality Report identifying the matched sources.

The Originality report displays the full document text, highlighting in multiple colours any matched words, paragraphs or phrases. A report of the findings can be downloaded from the viewer as a PDF document using the down-arrow button (8).

The download below gives document details followed by the full text and concludes with a breakdown of the three possible sources for matches: internet, publications and student papers.

For the demonstration sample only the reference was matched. Half of the reference text was found on the GMC website and the full citation was matched to multiple student papers in the Turnitin database. 

This is to be expected given the subject of the paper and the importance of the source. No phrases of three words or more have been reported as matched against any other source, webpage, publication or student paper held in the databases.  

The report can be saved as a PDF document and submitted at the same time as a summative assessment providing clear evidence that the coursework has been text matched by the Turnitin software.