1. From the Home screen tap the Settings icon. In 'Settings' click on Wi-Fi.



5. Your device will ask to install a certificate.

Tap Install to continue.

2. Join the setup-UEA-wireless network. 

Then go to setupeduroam.uea.ac.uk in your web browser.

6. A warning may appear before installing the certificate.

This is completely normal. The certificate is safe to install and will keep your device secure when connected to Eduroam. Tap Install to proceed. 

3. Read through the terms of use, select the tick box and tap Start to begin.

Select Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from the list of devices and tap Setup Wifi

7. Enter your UEA password and click Next.

4. Enter your UEA username in the following format abc15xyz@uea.ac.uk


8. Go back to the Wi-Fi tab under Settings and select Eduroam from the list of networks.

Your device will now connect to Eduroam.