Uploading media

To add a new file to eStream click on the Create button that appears at the top of the screen and select Upload.

This will take you to the upload screen. From here you can drag a video into your browser or navigate your computer for the necessary file. This can be either a video or audio file.

Adding information

Once you have selected your video you will taken to the media options page where you can add a title and description and also add a category. 

To add the title first uncheck the box labelled Use filename for title which will unlock the title field allowing you to add the name of your audio or video.

You can also add a description and tags to help people find your files should you wish.

If you would like your video to be made private and only made available to you please make sure that you click on the Private checkbox.

If your media falls under the remit of the Educational Recording Agency (ERA) you can click on the ERA Content checkbox. This will add a preamble to the video stating that you have the right to use it in your teaching.

You can then choose to categorise your video.

Once you have added your options click on the confirm button to be taken to the upload screen. Clicking on the Select Categories link will show you the categories used by UEA and you can choose one of these for your media. This also means that the video will appear in the list for that category.

Once you are happy with everything click on the Confirm button and eStream will take you to the final screen. Simply click on Start Upload and your video will be encoded and converted ready for streaming.

Report an issue

We hope that this article was helpful. If you require further assistance please log an issue with the IT Service Desk and the Learning Technology Team will get back to you as soon as possible.