When uploading videos to eStream there are a few things to consider. This help sheet will outline how to get the best from your recordings.

File Types

eStream supports a number of file types and converts them all for streaming. Here is a list of the formats you can use.

MOV - Apple Quicktime
MP4 and M4V - Standard H.264 AVI - Audio Video Interweave WMV - Windows Media Video FLV - Flash Video

File Size

Depending on the size of your video you may experience issues when uploading if you have a particular large file or are uploading via Wi-Fi. There is no specific upload limit on eStream but it may be advisable to compress your video before adding it to the system.


Handbrake is an open source multi-video encoder. It is available in the UEA IT spaces and available from the UEA Application Catalogue for staff. For home/personal use you can download Handbrake here (compatible for both Windows and Mac).

After you have installed Handbrake the conversion process is simple to follow. Please follow these step by step instructions below.

Load the Handbrake Application

On opening the program for the first time it will ask which file you would like to convert. You can then locate it on your computer. 

If this file open window does not appear simply click the Open Source button in the top left of the program and this will also allow you to navigate to the file you would like to convert.

The default settings for Handbrake are fine for eStream conversions but you can view settings for other devices by clicking on the Toogle Presets button in the top right of the program.

You then need to decide where you would like the converted video to be saved. Good practice is not to save it in the same location as the original file. Best to use something like a temporary folder or your desktop. 

All you must then do is to click on the Start button and the video will be converted. You can view the progress bar at the bottom of the window.

You can the access the converted file from the location you chose to save it.