We have recently upgraded eStream, the system that runs our digital signage. There is a drastic user interface change and this guide will help you understand the new system.

To access digital signage please follow this guide and then follow the new instructions below.

You will first be presented with the screens you have access to in the section Assigned Items.

To edit your content loop please click on the pen icon as shown above.

This will take you to the options for your loop.

To add a new image click on the image button (it will tell you how many images are currently in your loop (if you want to clean them up).

Now when you click on the add image button it may seem that nothing has happened but it has (trust me). The new placeholder has been added to the bottom of your feed. Scroll down to find it.

But do not fret. It is there. Scroll down to the bottom of you list of slides. The new slide will be there empty displayed as 00:08:00.

Click on the image and the following menu will appear on the left hand side.

Click on upload image to add your JPEG file to the feed.

Then click on Shedule to determine when you would like the slide to appear and disappear, and how long for.


When you have finished click on the Save button and the slide will be added to your feed.