It is the Blackboard/Online reading lists rollover time of year and as usual a new virtual module has been created on our system for each module to be delivered next year (for SITS modules).

Here is a checklist to help you prepare for the new academic year:

  1. Organise your modules by academic year
  2. Enrol colleagues onto your module
  3. Copy over your content
  4. Link your Online Reading List
  5. Make your module available


Organise your modules by academic year

Long lists of similarly named Blackboard modules can make navigating to the correct module tricky, especially as old and current modules are mixed together.

Group the modules in your module list into academic years for easier navigating by switching on Terms.

This pages provides guidance, pick the method that suits you.

Quick set up

In your My Modules box click the cog (top right hand corner), then tick Group by Term and Submit.

What will the 'My Modules box look like with Terms switched on?

Click the year again to collapse it back to just the heading.  Blackboard will remember your last setting choices.

How do I switch on Terms?

To switch on Terms, click the cog located at the top right hand corner of the My Modules box. By default the cog is hidden but will appear when you hover over the right hand side of the My Modules menu.

On the personalise My Modules page, you will have an option to groups the modules by Term.

Tick Group by Term. All the terms relevant to you (i.e. you are enrolled on a module that appears in that Term) will appear in a table for customisation.

Then click Submit to see them displayed on the front page of Blackboard.

How do I customise the way Terms are displayed?

On the Personalise: My Modules page, the settings you specify in the columns determine what Terms are displayed and how.

1. Showing Terms: The Show Term column determines whether an individual Term is displayed in the My Modules box or not.

2. Expanding/Collapsing Terms: The Expand Term column determines whether an individual Term is expanded (showing all the modules within it) on loading the page, or if deselected, collapsed to only show the Term heading.

3. Ordering Terms: The order in which the Terms appear can be changed by dragging and dropping a Term. Hover your mouse in the first column of the Term you wish to move and you will see a four-headed arrow indicating you can drag and drop an item.

If you prefer not to drag and drop, you can reorder Terms by clicking the reorder icon in the header row of the first column.

You may decide that the a good order would be reverse chronological, so that the most recent academic years are at the top. The default order will be chronological.

What if a module is in the wrong Term or does not have a Term displayed?

Modules that do not have a Term specifically assigned to them are collected together under the Term 'No Term Assigned'.  If your module is listed here but ought to be allocated within a Term please let us know by contacting the IT Service Desk providing the relevant details.

If one of your modules has been incorrectly allocated to a Term, please let us know by contacting the IT Service Desk and we will be able to reallocate it to the correct Term.

What if I have an empty Term?

If you have previously personalised the My Modules box and deselected certain modules so that they do not appear on your list, then it is possible for you to have an empty Term displaying once you have switched on Terms.

There are two approaches to resolving this:

Turn on all your modules so that everything appears in the Terms

Click on the cog in the top right hand corner of the My Modules box, navigate to the Edit Module list, ensure that each Module is turned by ticking each of the Name boxes. Click Submit.

Switch off empty Terms

Click on the cog in the top right hand corner of the My Modules box, go to the Terms section, un-tick the box relating to the empty Term(s) in the Show Term column. Click Submit.



Enrol colleagues onto your module

The new virtual modules have been created in Blackboard for each module to be delivered next year (for SITS modules).

Module organisers are automatically enrolled onto their modules as Instructors.  Student enrolments onto modules will begin automatically without any further action.

Module organisers will need to enrol any colleagues that also need access.

As soon as this has been done, those colleagues will have the virtual module on their module list on Blackboard and they too will be able to upload materials and enrol further colleagues if necessary.

  • Select the relevant module from your list of modules
  • Select Users and Groups from the Control Panel menu, then Users
  • Select the Enrol button and then Find Users to Enrol
  • Select the browse button Search by username, first name, last name or email of the user and click Go
  • Tick the box next to the users name and click Submit
  • Choose the appropriate role from the dropdown list and click Submit
  • To modify the role of a user you select Users and Groups from the Control Panel menu, then Users.
  • Search for the user
  • Select the contextual menu next to the users username and select Change User’s Role in the Module
  • Select the appropriate role and click Submit

Screencast (Enrol colleagues)


Copy over your content

There are two ways to copy content from an existing Blackboard module to a new one. The first is a whole module copy and the second is to copy individual items or folders. Please select which is most appropriate to you. If you are not sure, please contact your Learning Technologist.


1. Whole module copy

  • Select the module from which the materials are to be copied from your My Modules Tab
  • Select Packages & Utilities from the Control Panel menu
  • Select Module Copy
  • Select Browse to locate the module to which the materials are to be copied
  • Select the radio button next to the appropriate module
  • Click Submit
  • The Module ID will appear in the Destination Module ID box
  • Select which module materials to copy
  • Click Submit

It may take a few minutes for the materials to be copied.

Important Note: 

You should only copy across the items that you need.  For most people this will be the Content Areas, however, make sure you do not select Summative Assessment 17/18 content area because a new Summative Assessment area for 18/19 will be automatically created in your module if you are marking through Blackboard. 

If you need to copy across the following types of content, you will need to additionally select them from the list: Rubrics, Tests/Surveys and Banner Image


Screencast (whole module copy)

2. Copy individual items or folders

  • Select the module from which the materials are to be copied from your My Modules Tab.
  • Navigate to the Item or Folder to be copied.
  • Click the Action Link (down arrow icon) next to the item or folder and select Copy
  • Select the module into which the item or folder is to be copied.
  • All the modules on which you are listed as an instructor will be available to select from the Destination Module drop down list
  • Click the Browse button to select the destination folder into which the item or folder is to be copied
  • Click Submit

Screencast (Copy individual items or folders)


You can also move items or folders within a module or between modules by selecting the Action Link (double down arrows) next to the item or folder and selecting Move. Moving items or folders will delete the item or folder from its original location. 


Link your Online Reading List

Existing published 2016/17 reading lists have been rolled over for the 2017/18 academic year.  These 2017/18 reading lists will need to be republished to be visible to your students. You will need to republish your reading lists by the 31st July in order for the Library to make any purchases needed by the start of the academic year.

For more information please visit the Online Reading Lists page.

If you have any problems republishing your reading list, need support, or have any questions about the Talis Online Reading Lists system, please contact Robin Farndon, the Reading Lists Administrator at


Make your module available

Once you have developed your module ready for the new academic year, remember to make it available to students so they can access it. 

Select the relevant module from your list of modules

Select Customisation then Properties from the Control Panel

Scroll down to Set Availability and select Yes

Click Submit

Report an issue

We hope that this article was helpful. If you require further assistance please log an issue with the IT Service Desk and the Learning Technology Team will get back to you as soon as possible.