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Adaptive evolution of microbes and pests


Talk abstracts/Research Interests

  • Kat Hodgkinson - Utilising a k-mer-based approach in the de novo genome assembly of Fragilariopsis cylindrus for evolutionary studies
  • Becky Lewis - Experimental evolution in response to increased temperature in an insect pest, the red flour beetle (Tribolium castaneum)
  • Tom Mathers - Evolutionary genomics of extreme host range expansion in aphid crop pests
  • Amanda Hopes - Genome editing techniques in diatoms to investigate adaptive evolution
  • Mark McMullan - The ash dieback invasion of Europe, what can we learn from a single invasion?
  • Aleksandra Bialas - The rice immune receptor only recently evolved to recognise an effector of the blast fungus
  • Matt Bawn - A Tale of two SalTys: The population structure and comparative genomics of Salmonella Typhimurium reveals clade specific microevolution driven by anthropogenic selection and host adaptation
  • Thorsten Langner - The dark matter of genomics: Structural variation in mini-chromosomes may facilitate host adaptation in the blast fungus
  • Archana Singh - A novel aphid effector gene family mediates aphid-plant interaction 
  • Cock van Oosterhout - Research Interests
  • Thomas Mock - Research Interests
  • Neil Hall - Research Interests
  • Diane Saunders - Research Interests
  • Sophien Kamoun - Research Interests
  • Kevin Tyler - Research Interests
  • Lewis Spurgin - Research Interests