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Below are some examples of supported peer learning to your online teaching. If you see something that you would like to incorporate into your online delivery or learn more about please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Crime Fiction

Our online course for Crime Fiction is formed of mixed delivery from online to face to face residential sessions.

The course is heavily media based woven in with theoretical and practical learning. The videos for the course feature well known authors and teach essential skills for the students taking part and also has access to useful texts and advice. This has been one of our most successful courses to date.

Pharmacy Online Courses

We have recently undertaken moving a number of courses from a Moodle VLE platform to Blackboard, primarily the Pharmacy Pre-Registration and Technician courses.

The courses themselves are mix of online learning and residential programmes where the Blackboard site provides a supporting resource meaning that students can engage in their own time and best prepare themselves for the face to face sessions.

Supported Assessed Independent Learning

SAIL is designed to offer the experience of self-guided and self-paced autonomous learning within a supported reflective framework. 

This Blackboard course can live within existing modules and provides a reflective learning space where students can record their progress as they navigate the content.

Tools allow participants to note what they have learnt for future reference as they partake in a MOOC or alternative online course.

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