New ways to make content more engaging New ways to make content more engaging

Online learning technology offers excellent ways to deliver content that allows it to be consumed at individualised choice of location, pace and time. However online concentration spans can be shorter than during face-to-face interactions and it is a good idea to build opportunities into learning objects that encourage active engagement. The case studies listed below demonstrate how UEA academics have supported interactivity in the design of their blended delivery. The technology used here is available to all across the campus (ask your learning technologist for training) or our Digital Learning Designers will work alongside you to rapidly create and upload finished pieces for instant use by your students and so that you can get instant feedback. These case studies include examples designed to be used by students individually in their own time and examples where technology is incorporated into lectures to add interactivity to traditionally delivered content. 

Law Learning Objects

Using iSpring we have been able to combine teaching, assessment and feedback into a single media-rich learning object.

The student can use this as a resource for their blended learning experience as well as the ability to take part in a number of activities for which they can receive live feedback. This enhances their understanding of the subject matter in a much more efficient way that just providing them with a presentation.

Economics Quizzes

This project uses iSpring to produce an online, media-rich quiz that compliments lectures in the School of Economics along with presentations and lecture materials.

These examples are spread throughout the module to engage the students when they are not attending lectures and seminars but gives them a better overview of the subject to help them in face to face sessions.

Testimonials Testimonials

Law Learning Objects

Members of the team are a real asset to teaching.  Using new technology in this way they are able to enliven complex ideas, making them more accessible to students in the process. They have been a joy to work with and have such great technical skills that I wonder how I would manage without them.  They a just an amazing resource, that hooks into new approaches to learning and teaching.

Dr Tola Amodu UEA Law School

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