General advice and guidance for anybody using Blackboard for the first time.

Getting Started

To get started using Blackboard you need to access the dedicated Blackboard site. If on campus and looking at the UEA Portal, there is a link to Blackboard under the search bar entitled LEARN.

There is also a quick link to Blackboard on the home page of the UEA Portal.

Clicking either of these will take you to the Blackboard site. From a web browser where you are not on the UEA Portal (i.e. off Campus), you can enter the following web address: 

Note users accessing from Health Online would also access from 

Your modules will be listed under the MY MODULES heading.

Click on the module title/code to go to the Blackboard module.

You can choose how to display your modules by selecting the cog icon which appears when you hover over the MY MODULES area – this takes you to the Personalise: My Modules page.

Why are My Modules not Appearing in the List?

There could be a number of reasons for this.

  • You may not be properly enrolled on the module. Check your EVision account. If the module is not listed on EVision report the problem to your Administrative Hub
  • Your lecturer is not using Blackboard to support teaching of the module. Check with your lecturer
  • Your lecturer has not made the site available to students yet. Check with your lecturer.

How to Navigate the Module

To navigate Blackboard, use the module menu on the left of the screen.

Instructors can customise their Blackboard modules to meet the needs of each individual module; therefore not all your Blackboard modules will appear the same, or look like the example opposite.

Typically, a course will include buttons for:

  • Announcements
  • Module information – could include information about the module, e.g. module outlines or handbooks
  • Module documents – could include lecture notes and handouts

You may also have links to a range of Tools including discussion boards, wikis, and blogs. There is a Student Blackboard Orientation Guide available to all students on your Faculty tab, under the heading My UEA Groups.

Web Browser Guidelines for Blackboard

Blackboard tests and validates four primary browsers for Learn releases.

Certain Internet Explorer configuration options can make it difficult to use some features of Blackboard Learn