Managing Lates and Extensions Managing Lates and Extensions

Penalties will be applied in the usual way by the LTS teams following transfer of grades to SITS. Should you receive a late submission please continue to mark as normal, grades and feedback will be immediately available to students in Blackboard. 

Managing Lates - Information for LTS

A new late report is available within eVision and lists all late Blackboard assessments which need handling. This is for intended use by LTS when a retrospective extension or a penalty needs to be applied. Once they have been handled they are automatically removed from the list. 

The report is accessible from the Online Assessment Container under a link called ‘Manage LATES and EXTENSIONS for BB’. From here a search facility to select year/scheme/module level and hub is used to bring back a list of LATE Blackboard assessments. The ‘Update’ link will mark the work as handled and be removed from the report.