SITS Late Penalty Email - Notifying Students SITS Late Penalty Email - Notifying Students

  • Email letter to notify students they have a penalised mark for late submission – where work has been submitted and marked online via Blackboard.

  • The reason for this email is that you no longer have a cover sheet to amend to inform the student they have a late penalty.

  • The letter is run from the SAT screen.

  • Letter code: E_PEN-NOTE

  • Email must be sent after the csv with marks and timestamp have been uploaded (this is so the system can automatically read when the work was actually submitted).

  • Click on the module and assessment item concerned, go to print, enter letter code. You can preview the letter before sending, we would recommend that you do this.

  • The email text can be seen below. The sections you need to complete for each student are highlighted.

  • The submission deadline should read from the original date or the extension date, whichever is latest.

Please contact Lorraine Newark for additional support.



This is to inform you that a penalty has been applied to the following piece of work:

Module details: PPLI4056A - Global Politics 1

Assessment Title: Essay 1

Type of work: WA - Written Assignment

Submission deadline:  29/Oct/2015 - 15:00

Original mark: 60.00

Penalised mark:  50.00%

Work was submitted late within 1 hour of the deadline, necessitating a 10 mark deduction.

Details of late penalties are available at:

If you have any extenuating circumstances that have affected your ability to hand in the work on time, a retrospective extension request with evidence of extenuating circumstances could be an option. If so, please go the following website for the relevant paperwork:

L Newark