Questions and Answers for Blackboard Summative Online Marking Questions and Answers for Blackboard Summative Online Marking

Does feedback e.g. the comments on the students’ work, save automatically?

Crocodoc (inline annotation) saves as you go, so there is no need or the opportunity to save. One thing to look out for is that for data protection the Crocodoc token expires every 59 minutes. If you are annotating a single document for longer than that, it is possible that subsequent annotation will be lost. All the modern browsers send you a warning to close and re-open but it is worth bearing in mind.

Is it possible to upload a feedback coversheet and audio file into the marking system?

Yes you can upload coversheets, audio and any other kind of file. You do this from the overall feedback box in the blue area on the right of the Crocodoc. If you tap that strange italic “A” icon, you will get the standard Blackboard text editor with all the usual rich HTML and file-attach functionality. Alternatively you can eschew the “A” and just click the paper clip – this will allow you to attach a file too.

How can I be sure I haven't released grades to students early?

If you see a red no entry sign against your grade centre column - you're doing fine! Try playing with the toggle on one of your other (non-summative) columns to see how it works.

When you take off the 'hide grades' your students will get access to the grades but it would be a good idea to send them an announcement too.