Ignoring an Accidental Submission (Staff) Ignoring an Accidental Submission (Staff)

Ignoring a student’s attempt to allow them to resubmit

Locate the Blackboard module that has the incorrect submission. Click on Full Grade Centre from the grey, lower menu (see image below).

Blackboard Grade Centre

Select the down arrow next to the submission that you need to cancel (see below). The down arrow only appears when you hover over the cell. Make sure that you have selected the correct column (assignment) and row (student).

Blackboard Grade Centre

We would expect this cell to contain a yellow exclamation mark.

Once you have clicked on that down arrow, a contextualised menu will appear (as below).

At the top of the menu it says View Grade Details, choose this option.

Blackboard Full Grade Centre

Clicking on that option will give you a view of the student’s submission timestamp. You need to click the button named “Ignore attempt” (highlighted below). This will allow the student to resubmit but will retain a copy of the submission.

Blackboard Grade Details