ARS - A Case Study - Tony Moore ARS - A Case Study - Tony Moore

In this case study Tony Moore in UUEAS discusses how the Union Council have been using audience response systems for voting.

Type of session(s)
Union Council

Between 70 and 120 students from across all Schools at UEA

Brief description of the session(s)
Council is the 'parliament' of the Students' Union where Union policy is debated and voted on and where representatives are appointed to serve on University Committees

Notes on the way the system was used/integrated in the session(s)
The system is used to ensure that Council is quorate.  Then each vote, during the session, is recorded

Reflections on the experience of using audience response systems
The system has brought significant benefits to the Union's democratic process.  Before its introduction, votes were counted manually with the possibility of errors and took a long time, often involving recounts.  With the system, votes are counted quickly and reliably - giving legitimacy and an air of professionalism to the proceedings of Council.  The system gives us the ability to register and publish individual Councillors votes which is a huge step forward in openness and accountability for our organisation.

Reflection on the loaning process
Very easy to order and collect.  Friendly professional staff who are always helpful and ready to give advice

Future plans or additional comments
We will be using the system for all Council meetings in future (4 times a semester).  We would like it if a software to software (API) facility could be developed for the system.