When using Microsoft Edge (web browser), if the file being a submitted for assessment is open at the time of the submission an empty file is uploaded instead. This occurs when using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Microsoft are aware but as a workaround, either:
Do not open your work after selecting it for upload into Blackboard Learn. Instead, ensure that you have reviewed your work and have closed your file(s) before accessing the submission area and uploading your work.

Use different browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer in order to submit your work


Submitting Files

What type of file should I submit?

Always follow the guidance given by your tutor for your specific assessment.

As a general guide and for standard written pieces of work, you should submit Microsoft Word or PDF files.

If you have been asked to submit presentation files you should submit in Microsoft PowerPoint.

If you have been asked to submit a spreadsheet you should submit in Microsoft Excel.

If you have been asked to submit video, you should use eStream (please see instruction here) which will convert video in any modern format.

If you have been asked to submit files in any other formats, please refer to your course or module-specific directions. In the absence of specific instruction from your course or module please do not submit files in any format other than Word, PDF, Excel or PowerPoint. Failure to follow these instructions may result in your marker being unable to access your file and the submission marked as ‘non-received’. Please also be aware that the file name should be no more than 125 characters in length, including the file type (.pdf, .doc etc); a warning will appear if you exceed this limit.


Access the submission point

In your Blackboard module, select the menu item Summative Assessment 17/18 to access the submission point for your assessment.  

One week before the due date, a submission point will appear on this page.

Select the relevant submission point for your assessment.


Upload an assessment

On the Upload Assignment page, select the Browse My Computer button.

Next, navigate to the relevant file on your computer and select Open.  This will add the file to the page.


Upload multiple files

You can upload multiple files to your submission point by simply following the instructions for each type such as a video (eStream), PDF or word file. Add in each file or upload each video before pressing submit, this will attach all files to the submission point - see image below as an example.



Attaching Video or Audio to a Submission

Access the submission point

In your Blackboard module, select the menu item Summative Assessment 17/18 to access the submission point for your assessment.  

One week before the due date, a submission point will appear on this page. Select the relevant submission point for your assessment.


How to upload your video or audio

Select Write Submission.

A text area will appear on the page, ensure that all the toolbars are visible (1).

Select Planet eStream Item from the Mashups menu to begin uploading your video or audio (2).

On the next screen select Upload.

and then choose to select files so that you can navigate to your file

You will have a chance to add some optional details to your file, or to change its name. For an assessment file you can ignore all this - just confirm them as they are


As soon as you select to confirm the file upload will begin, you can track this with the green progress bar. If your file upload is going intolerably slowly feel free to select cancel and start again when the network is less busy or when you are somewhere with a better connection. This should not be a problem unless the file you are trying to upload is very large or your connection is poor.

You will be returned to the original upload assignment page and should be able to now see that you have added the video or audio file. Don’t worry if the player is greyed out (as in this example) just press submit - you should then be able to see a preview of your submission.

Very occasionally the preview doesn’t appear and you instead get a white review like this. Again nothing to worry about – click to resize the browser window and it will appear.

You may need to additionally add a file from your computer (e.g. a report, presentation or analysis), see Submitting Files for more information.

Submit your assessment with a video or audio in the same way as standard submissions, see Submit an assessment for more information. 


Submit a Portfolio for eMarking in Blackboard

Go to your Summative Assessment item. In this example it is located in a menu called Summative Assessment 17/18.  The item will appear in {} brackets.

In this area you will also find some help with assignment submission and marking

Select the  relevant item in the {} brackets.

You will be presented with a screen that allows you to select your portfolio.

Then select the Portfolio that you wish to add and then click on Submit.

Click on Select Portfolio.

You may use the comments box to:
i. Inform markers if you have a verified Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD Help Page) 
ii. Request specific feedback (applicable to all students).

Click on Submit.

You will then be able to see the item that you have submitted.


Asking for Specific Feedback or SpLD (yellow sticker)

You can use the comments dialog box to leave comments for your marker or to request specific feedback that you would find especially helpful.  

The comments box can also be used to declare a verified Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD).

In the free text box you need to indicate whether you would like to apply your UEA verified Yellow Sticker – you can simply type YELLOW STICKER or add more context and request specific feedback from your Marker.



You will be eligible to use/verify the sticker if you have provided acceptable evidence that you have one of the following SpLDs:

  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Dysgraphia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder
  • Autism or Asperger Syndrome

Please see the 'sticker-scheme' page for additional information


Submitting an Assessment

Once you have added your assessment to the submission area and added any comments for the marker, including declaring a verified SpLD (1), you are ready to submit your work.

You have the option to choose Save as Draft (2), which will allow you to make changes to your work at a later time but before you submit it. The Submit button is final and must be pressed before the deadline.

When you are satisfied that you have added the file and any relevant comments, select Submit (3) either at the top or bottom of the page. 

You will be taken to a screen which enables you to review the submission you just made.  

Select OK to return to the Summative Assessment 17/18 page.


Reviewing Submissions

You can review your submitted work at any point while the submission point is open. 

The submission point is open 7 days before the due date and for 40 days following the due date. 

To access the review page, simply select the submission point from the Summative Assessment 17/18 page.

Changes cannot be made at this point.

The Review page shows the timestamp of when you submitted your work (1).


What if I Submit the Wrong Work?

Summative Assessment through Blackboard allows one submission per assessment. 

If you accidentally or incorrectly submit work, contact your LTS Hub to have the incorrect attempt ‘ignored’ in Blackboard. 

Having the incorrect attempt ‘ignored’ in Blackboard will open the submission point for you to resubmit. 


Collecting Feedback and Grades

When your tutor notifies you that your work has been marked, return to the Summative Assessment 17/18 area of the relevant Blackboard module to collect your feedback and grades.

Select Collect Provisional Grades and Feedback.

  1. Change the view to Graded to see assessments that have been marked.
  2. The grade received for each assessment is shown on the right of the screen.
  3. Select the speech bubble to view any general feedback on your work (this can also be viewed by opening the marked assessment)
  4. If a rubric has been used to mark your work, select View Rubric underneath the title of the assessment. 
  5. To view your marked work, select the title of the assessment, the example here being Essay 5000 words.  This will show your original piece of work along with any annotations or comments the marker has made directly on your script as well as any general feedback. 

If your work has been annotated, you might find it easier to read it in full screen. Select the full screen button (1). You may also want to collapse the grading side bar (2).  Both settings can be reversed by selecting the button again.



If your marker has annotated your work or attached notes directly to it you will notice that one or more small blue icons or one or more areas of coloured highlight has been added.


Hovering over an icon or highlight will expand a box to allow you to read associated comments that your marker has left. If you prefer not to use a mouse, the tab keys will allow you to move through the annotation icons and [enter] will expand the comment box in the same way. Unfortunately there is not currently an option that will allow you to view, print or save all of the annotations simultaneously.

The annotation system currently contains a bug in that the tab-enter accessibility options do not allow the expansion of comments associated with highlights. If you prefer not to use a mouse it may not be possible for you to access these comments. Please contact the learning technology team urgently if this is the case for you and alternative access provisions will be made.

Please use the form below to add any comments that you have about the way that notes and comments are presented to you.




Discrepancies between Blackboard and e:Vision

Grades released in Blackboard are provisional.

Any extensions or penalties are neither recorded nor made visible in Blackboard. 

Following their release on Blackboard, provisional grades are transferred from Blackboard to e:Vision (UEA’s student information system).

Once in e:Vision, and where appropriate, any extensions or penalties will be applied.


Further Help

If you have any questions about anything connected to assessments, including uploading your work to Blackboard please contact your tutor or your LTS Hub.  

The Summative Assessment 17/18 area of your Blackboard module gives you access to online help sheets and short videos on a range of assessment tasks.


Report an Issue

We hope that this article was helpful. If you require further assistance please log an issue with the IT Service Desk and the Learning Technology Team will get back to you as soon as possible.