NOTE: Some features of the Blackboard Portfolio tool do not display properly when using the Internet Explorer web browser. Please ensure that you are using an alternative browser, such Firefox or Chrome, when working with Blackboard Portfolios.

What is a Blackboard portfolio?

Portfolios are an invaluable tool within academic and professional development. They provide a powerful medium for students to efficiently collect and organise artefacts representative of work completed over a period of time. They offer students a means to demonstrate formative and/or summative progress and achievement. Students are empowered with the tools to effectively present their work in a cohesive and personalised format.

When might I want to use a Blackboard portfolio with my students?

Portfolios provide and excellent way for students to provide evidence of their skills, achievements and future potential. Blackboard portfolios are already being used for longitudinal formative and summative assessment at UEA. Since a Portfolio can be shared with people both inside and outside UEA, students can also use them to apply for jobs, demonstrate a transferable skill or to track their personal development, for example.

How do I make the portfolio tool available within my module?

Choose an appropriate content area within your module then click on Tools > More Tools > Portfolio Homepage.

On the Create Link page fill out any additional details as necessary and then click Submit.

A link to the Portfolios Homepage page is created within your module. From here students will be able to access their personal portfolios.

How can I provide a portfolio template for my students?

If you would like to provide your students with a basic template to help them structure their portfolio then please contact the Learning Technology Team as this will need to be set up for you at a Blackboard Administrator level.

Portfolio templates define the structure and style of a portfolio, giving the students a clear starting point and leaving them free to populate it with appropriate content and artifacts. Templates are useful for applying a standard structure in order to ensure that students’ portfolios meet required learning outcomes, especially when using portfolios for assessment.

How do I set up a portfolio assessment point?

Instructors can request that students submit a portfolio for formative or summative assessment through Blackboard.

If the portfolio is for a summative assessment please contact the Learning Technology Team to discuss setting up your submission point and to access training for marking portfolios in Blackboard. You will also need to ensure that you let your LTS Hub know which module assessment is to be submitted and marked via Blackboard so that it can be flagged appropriately in SITS.

To set up a formative portfolio assignment:

Within your module, choose the content area where you would like the submission point to sit and then click on Assessments > Assignment.

Give your assignment a Name, and fill out any other details such as instructions, due date and ensure that you fill out the Points Possible (which is usually out of 100). 

Select Portfolio Submission under the Submission Details section and decide how many attempts to give your students.

Please note that unless you specifically choose to allow multiple attempts, students will only have one chance to submit their work. Therefore, students must ensure that their portfolios are complete before submitting them for assessment as they won’t be able to edit them and re-submit.

Finally, select when you would like the submission point to become available and then click Submit.

A portfolio assignment submission point will then be created within your module. 

How do I mark my students portfolios?

Within your module, scroll down to the Control Panel at the bottom of the left hand menu. Click on Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre.

In the Grade Centre you will see a column for the portfolio submissions. If the assessment is formative the title of the column will match that of the submission point that you previously created. If your assessment is summative, the title of the column will reflect the sequence number of the assessment and module ID in curly brackets. This is to ensure that the grades will flow back to SITS once the work is marked.

In this example only one student has currently submitted their portfolio. To view the student’s attempt hover in the cell where there is a yellow Needs Marking icon and click on the small grey downwards arrow that appears. From the drop down menu select this student’s attempt.

You will be presented with the student’s portfolio on the left hand side of the screen and a marking area on the right. 

Navigate around the student’s portfolio and view content items by clicking directly on the links within the work.

Click within the blue Attempt Grade box in order to expand the marking area to show the Feedback to Learner box. You can type your feedback directly into this text box. 

Please notice that in this example the student has declared an SpLD within the Comments section in the bottom right of the screen. If a student needs to make their marker aware of an SpLD they will do this via the comment box when they submit their portfolio.

As well as typing directly into the text box you can also upload your own feedback sheet by clicking on the paper clip icon then browsing for and submitting the file from your computer.

The attached file will show as a link in the Feedback to Learner box. Finally, ensure that you have provided the student with a grade in the blue Attempt grade box. When you have finished marking, click Submit.

When you return to the Grade Centre you will now see the grade that you awarded to that student instead of the yellow Needs Marking icon.

How can my students share their portfolio with me outside of a formal assignment submission point?

As well as submitting a portfolio for assessment, students can share a snapshot of their portfolio with people both inside and outside of UEA.

When a student shares their portfolio with you it is a “snapshot”, meaning that it is current at that particular moment in time but if the student then edits their portfolio these changes will not be reflected in what you see. The student will need to share their portfolio with you again via another snapshot in order for you to see the latest version.

You can see a list of all portfolios shared with you under the Portfolios Homepage. 

Select Shared with Me then click on the title of a portfolio to view it.

You can leave comments for the student if they have made commenting available.

Click Close when you have finished viewing the portfolio.

Why can’t my students find me in their list of people to share their portfolio with?

In order for your students to be able to share a snapshot of their portfolio with you a small setting needs to be changed so that your name will appear in the Blackboard User Directory.

To add yourself to the Blackboard User Directory click on your name in the top right corner of the Learn screen to access the Global Navigation Menu.

From the drop down menu click on Settings > Personal Information.

Click on Set Privacy Options.

Check the box next to List my information in the User Directory. Click Submit.

Your students will now be able to find you in the User Directory and will be able to share their portfolio with you through Blackboard.