Accessing scripts

Your School’s standard process for managing moderation remains in place.

However, if you are moderating for a module using Blackboard online marking, the way you access scripts to moderate is via the Blackboard module in which they are submitted. 

Accessing the Blackboard module

If you are not enrolled already, you will need to be added as an instructor to the module you are moderating. The Module Organiser should do this. 

Go to Blackboard and select the relevant module from the front page.

Remember that you can organise your modules by academic year for easier navigating of this list.

Accessing the scripts

Once in the module, select Grade Centre from the Control Panel and then Full Grade Centre.

The grade centre is where summative student work is contained. 

Locate the column that relates to the assessment you are moderating – if you are unsure, contact the module organiser. 

To view the script to moderate it, hover over a score until a down arrow appears, select the down arrow, then select Attempt [date & time stamp] from the menu.

This will show the original piece of work along with any annotations or comments the marker has made directly on the script as well as any general feedback. 

By default the overall feedback and any rubrics used for marking are not shown on the grading side bar, either click into the Attempt box or on the following button to reveal the information.

If the work has been annotated, you might find it easier to read it in full screen. Select the full screen button (1). You may also want to collapse the grading side bar (2).  Both settings can be reversed by selecting the button again.

Accessing attached feedback files

If the marker has attached a file to the feedback box, please access it in the following way.

Select Full Grade Centre from the Grade Centre menu.

Hover over the appropriate cell and click the down arrow, but this time choose View Grade Details from the menu that appears.

In the Feedback to Learner section, there will be some text that is underlined – this indicates it is a link.  In the picture, the file is called Audio Feedback. Click on this to download the file onto your computer.

Schools have different processes to agree moderation. When you are happy, please follow those standard processes. The module organiser will be able to release the grades to the students as soon as moderation is complete. 

Get additional training

Additional training is provided by the Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning (at the top of the ITCS building). We have a series of training sessions and webinars that you can attend. For more information and to book please click here.

Report an issue

We hope that this article was helpful. If you require further assistance please log an issue with the IT Service Desk and the Learning Technology Team will get back to you as soon as possible.