Get training and support on audience response systems Get training and support on audience response systems


Learning Technologists run workshops on using the audience response systems.  Please check the CSED programme for up to date information.  We would be happy to arrange a school/department specific session, if you feel it would better suit your needs.

The workshops provide hands on experience with Turning Point, a popular audience response system.  They cover access to hardware, access to software, creating questions, delivering sessions and discussion about how audience response systems can be used to support learning.

Although these workshops are called 'Using Audience Response Systems for Teaching and Learning' they are appropriate for anyone who wishes to use audience response systems in their presentations to a wide range of audiences - the discussion will be tailored to those people who are present.

One to one support

We are happy to look at and review presentations using Turning Point, particularly where it is being used for the first time.  Time and resources allowing, we are also happy to come to your first session and support your use of the technology in situ.