ARS - A Case Study - Dr Sandra Gibson ARS - A Case Study - Dr Sandra Gibson

In this case study Dr Sandra Gibson in MED discusses using audience response systems in a staff development session

Type of session(s)
Staff Development

15 staff

Brief description of the session(s)
Large group teaching, where it fits into our curriculum and ways in which to make it more interactive

Notes on the way the system was used/integrated in the session(s)
Used to gather information on the background and experience of the audience

Test knowledge

Also was a way of showcasing ways to use the system within audiences own teaching

Reflections on the experience of using audience response systems
In this years session I couldn't use it as the software has been removed from the rooms computer, so a total waste of time.

Worked really well last year.

Reflection on loaning process
Easy, and very understanding about short notice loan.

There needs to be greater clarity on where the system can be used and how to sort out software in the rooms.

Future plans or additional comments
Will try again, but will have to spend time finding out if the software is available where I'm teaching.  Not sure of the process of how to get the software on the system if it isn't, so may give up.