ARS - A Case Study - Matt Dolan & Chris Blincoe ARS - A Case Study - Matt Dolan & Chris Blincoe

In this case study Matt Dolan and Chris Blincoe from the Low Carbon Innovation Centre discuss using clickers for an interactive feedback session as part of an external event.

Type of session
Matt: External, invite only workshop with feedback session
Chris: External event for invited delegates

Matt: c. 50 housing association, Local Authority and government department representatives
Chris: 52

Brief description of session
Matt: Presentations, followed by workshops leading to interactive feedback session
Chris: A one day workshop with presentations followed by break-out groups followed by interactive feedback session

Notes on the way the system was used/integrated into the session
Matt: The system was used at the end of the day's proceedings to gauge audience appreciation for the event
Chris: 12 multiple choice questions asked to the audience to collate their views on the topics discussed during the day

Reflections on the experience
Matt: The handsets provided a versatile and simple method for obtaining instant feedback
Chris: Generally it was very easy to use and set up, ran smoothly on the day and delegates really enjoyed it.  The only slight glitch was that on three occasions i pressed the key to start the timer and it did not start straight away.  I then pressed it again but this closed the voting so not all participants had a chance to vote on those questions.  It really came down to user error on my part but it would be worth warning people in future that once they have pressed a key to start the timer they should be patient and wait for it to start rather than pressing the key again.  As a consequence 3 of the questions did not get significant responses and had to be discounted in the final report.

Reflections on the loaning process
Matt: Simple process and helpful staff facilitated ease of loan
Chris: No problems at all

Future plans or additional comments
Matt: I would certainly use the system for future events
Chris: We will certainly use it again if the right opportunity arises