ARS - A Case Study - Dr Richard Bowater ARS - A Case Study - Dr Richard Bowater

In this case study Dr Richard Bowater in BIO discusses how clickers were introduced and used at a BIO Teaching Afternoon in July 2009.

Type of session
Staff development

~50 staff members from BIO

Brief description of the session
Each year in the summer BIO runs an afternoon event to discuss recent developments in teaching at UEA; it is attended by any staff involved in teaching, but mainly by academic faculty.  One of the topics discussed in July 2009 was technologies available for teaching, which is where we presented details about the Clickers available at UEA.  Details about the software required and how to loan the hardware was provided.

Notes on the way the system was used/integrated into the session
Examples were provided about the types of questions that could be covered in sessions with clickers (some of these were based on Jo Bruce's presentation at the UEA L&T day in 2009).  Also, a member of staff with experience of using this technology (Dr Kay Yeoman) gave examples about what she has done and also answered questions about good points and potential problems.

Reflections on the experience
Generally, staff seemed interested in using the clickers in some of their own teaching.  Whilst it is not obvious to many staff members how to incorporate their use into formal lectures (which are frequently used by BIO staff), there is significant potential to use the clickers in workshops and discussion groups.

Reflection on the loaning process
It worked smoothly, no problems encountered.

Future plans or additional comments
Following the demonstration of the clickers at the BIO Teaching Afternoon, I am fairly hopeful that some members of BIO teaching faculty will take up the opportunity to loan the UEA clickers.  This will be left for members of staff to organise on an individual basis.