This template may be completed by authorised signatories in UEA schools/departments and is to authorise loans of Audience Response Systems (clickers) from CTEL to all staff and research postgraduates in your school or department. Authorisation only needs to be obtained once to cover the relevant school/department.

Your School or Department will be responsible for systems while they are on loan, and will be charged £36 for each handset that is not returned and £250 for each USB receiver.

Your main concern may be that not all students will return their handset at the end of a session. However, in practice we have found that it is extremely unusual for any handsets to go missing.

We are happy to run demonstrations of audience response systems for your School or Department. Please email or phone 3001 to arrange a session.

Authorisation Template

This template can be copied in an email and sent to by your authorised signatory.




Phone Number:

Recharge Code:

I authorise all staff and research postgraduates in this School/Department to borrow Audience Response Systems (clickers) from CTEL and will reimburse CTEL for any missing equipment.