University Communications University Communications

The University communicates with you in several ways, including:



Email is the main method of communication. Official University emails will be sent to your UEA email account. If you are not on campus, access your UEA account through the Outlook Web App.

N.B. - avoid using symbols in passwords


Internal mail

There are student pigeon-holes (shelves for letters) situated in each School. Be sure to check your pigeon-hole regularly as it includes University letters, invoices or other official University communications. Any letters you don’t collect from the University post room will be moved here.


External mail/post

The University post room is in the ARTS 1 building, lower ground floor, and is open from 10am -16:30pm Monday to Friday.



Notices may be posted on University, Faculty or School notice boards. For example, School Notice boards display notices for general news, e.g., funding opportunities for higher degrees, open lectures, conferences and other outside events.


Digital Signage

Information on upcoming lectures, university events or School specific information may appear on the digital screens at the School. These screens might also display information in the event of an emergency.


Changing your address

It is very important that you keep your semester-time and out-of-semester-time addresses and telephone numbers current, particularly if you move out of UEA Residences. We want to make sure that any information we sent out to you reaches its destination so that you don’t miss anything important.

You can change your address online via e:Vision.

In your University Regulations:

  • All communications are assumed to be known to you within 48 hours of it being issued; you are required to respond within that time frame if the communication is directed to you.
  • Any changes in your addresses need to be reported to the University as soon as possible



The University also provides letters on your behalf.

When you apply for a travel visa or open a bank account, you will be asked to provide proof of study with us.

You need to have your term-time and home addresses ready for a bank letter.

If you need a letter of reference, your Adviser can write one for you.

We provide these letters for you via the Hub

Contact Your Hub