University Communications University Communications

How the University stays in touch

  • Email - Official University emails will be sent to your UEA email account. 
  • Internal mail - Student pigeon-holes are situated in each School. University letters, invoices or other official University communications can be sent there. 
  • External mail/post - The University post room is in the ARTS1 building, lower ground floor, and is open from 10am -16:30pm Monday to Friday.
  • Noticeboards - University, Faculty or School notice boards display general news, e.g., funding opportunities for higher degrees, open lectures, conferences and other outside events
  • Digital Signage - The digital form of noticeboards. These screens might also display information in the event of an emergency.


Letters we provide for you

The University provides Proof of Study letters via e:Vision. These can be used for visa purposes. Please check with the country you are visiting to see what kind of documentation they are requesting. If your Proof of Study letter needs to be signed, please visit us at the Hub.

For bank introduction letters: please make sure your term-time and home addresses are up to date. Contact Your Hub if you need this letter.

Letters of reference are written by your Adviser

How to Print your Proof of Study Letter from e:Vision


Changing your address

Under the student charter, all communications are assumed to be known to you within 48 hours of it being issued; you are required to respond within that time frame if the communication is directed to you.

You are also required to keep your semester-time and out-of-semester-time addresses and telephone numbers up to date.

You can update this information on e:Vision