Results Results

Marks for all students are published on e:Vision.

If you are a continuing student, you will receive an email from your Hub shortly after results are published confirming your progression to the next year. If you have not reached the pass mark in a module you may receive a referral to reassessment via email.

If you are unhappy with your result, you can approach your Adviser to discuss options. The Student Union and the Hub are also there to provide advice. 

Reassessment and Final Examination Boards Dates 2017-18

Students should submit any extenuating circumstances at least 10 days before the Extenuating Circumstances Panel Board. Extenuating Circumstances Panel dates can be found here.

The following are the Reassessment Board Dates (undergraduates) and Final Board Dates (postgraduate) for 2017-18.



At the end of the year (or usually for Postgraduate Taught students, at the end of the taught module element of your course) an Examination Board ( Board of Examiners) will meet to consider the performance of each student on the course. In cases where students have not passed their modules, they  may be offered reassessment for the failed modules.

A successful reassessment attempt will result in a capped pass mark (40% for undergraduate modules and 50% for postgraduate modules (which includes integrated masters programmes).


Examination Timetables and Practical Information

For students who are referred to reassessment, the reassessment period takes place in August and examination timetables are sent to students in July.  Timetables are sent to the UEA email account and information is also displayed on eVision. 

The reassessment period is fixed and will not change, so students must ensure that they are available during this time, in case they have any reassessments to take.  If students think that this could be a problem, they must come and speak to us at the Hub.

Fees and Resources

You can use course resources on Blackboard and past exam papers to help you study for reassessment. Your Adviser can provide you with study support and advice.

If you are referred to reassessment, you will need to pay a Reassessment fee. The standard fee for reassessment is £70 per module and you will be invoiced for this amount at the end of the reassessment period (late September). Please note that higher fees are chargeable for some assessment types including theses and placements – please refer to the Fees and Charges document (located in General Regulations) for more details.