indicative and summative gpa indicative and summative gpa

Indicative GPA for continuing students

For continuing students, an indicative GPA based on the module marks achieved in the year will be available on students’ online mark statements. The indicative GPA will be calculated using the weighted stage (year) average (that is, the average of all the module marks, weighted to take account of the module credit), using the conversion table.

As an example, a student at the end of Year 2 who had achieved a weighted year average of 68% would have an indicative GPA of 3.75. Only the current year marks contribute to the indicative GPA so continuing students will receive an indicative GPA at the end of each progressing year which is only calculated from marks achieved within that year.


Summative GPA for finalists

Final-year students will be awarded a GPA based on their classification mark, and this will be published on their transcript in addition to their classification and classification mark. It will not be recorded on the degree parchment. Only transcripts for completed students, who obtain a classification mark, would record a GPA score. 

The summative GPA is derived from the classification mark using the conversion table. (The classification mark is calculated from the weighted year average marks from the ‘counting years’ ie Year 2 and beyond. The year averages are then further weighted according to the classification weighting, normally 40% year 2, 60% year 3 for Bachelor degrees. Further details on the award regulations are available here).

GPA Table GPA Table

Grade point average (GPA) is a measure of student achievement which can be used both during and on completion of a programme of study. UEA is introducing GPA as a complementary measure of students’ achievements to be used alongside traditional degree classifications.