Compensation for Finalists Compensation for Finalists

The information on this page is for students in their final year.

When you are notified of your results you will be informed if you have failed a module which can be compensated.. For Finalists, you will automatically receive the compensation rather than being referred to reassessment. Your degree classification will be calculated using the compensated pass mark. However, you can  opt to take reassessment instead. Inform your Hub team if you want to take reassessment.

If you choose to keep the Compensation

  1. You have successfully completed your degree.
  2. Your achieved mark is recorded on your transcript with a grade of  ‘compensated pass.’ Your mark contributes to your Stage Average, and not going to reassessment may result in a lower classification.

If you choose Reassessment

  1. You can attend Graduation. Your degree is conferred at Graduation but you will not receive your degree certificate/parchment until after your reassessment results are confirmed.
  2. You will have another opportunity to pass your module and have this recorded on your transcript.
  3. Doing well in reassessment could improve your classification. The significance of the improvement would depend on the original failed mark and how close to the borderline the overall marks are. Your module is capped at 40% if you succeed at reassessment and is weighted according to credit and year of study.

You will be charged a module reassessment fee of £70. 

Compensation at the Reassessment Board

For finalists referred to reassessment (not eligible for compensation at the main June Board):

If after reassessment you have failed a module and you are eligible for compensation in it, the Board of Examiners awards your degree. Your record will show a Compensated Pass grade alongside your achieved mark.  If the failed module is not eligible for compensation, you are given an appropriate exit award.