change to the requirement to pass all modules change to the requirement to pass all modules

Not all courses require you to pass every module. Where compensation in a failed module is available, you can progress on your course or graduate even though you have not passed the module; the failing module is ‘compensated’ for by your other marks.  

If you have achieved good marks in all your modules except for one, you may have achieved the requirements for a degree without undertaking reassessment. Compensation is only available in some courses; courses where all modules need to be passed (e.g. professional degrees) are not eligible.  

Any non-core module of up to 20 credits (30 credits in your final year) is eligible for compensation. Information on core modules, which are not eligible for compensation because they must be passed to meet the learning outcomes of the course, is available on your Course Profile.  

Undergraduate and Integrated Master’s students are eligible for compensation in a year of study when:  

  1. You have failed only one 20-credit module (or one 30-credit module in your final year)  
  2. The failed module is eligible for compensation (not core).  
  3. You have an average mark for the year of at least the pass mark (40% for Bachelor's degrees; 50% for Integrated Masters degrees). All modules including the failed module contribute to this calculation.  
  4. Compensation is not allowed in any module designated as core (those that must be passed to meet the learning outcomes of the course).  
  5. If you are eligible for compensation in a module after your first assessment attempt you will be referred to reassessment, but you can choose to take the compensation and not attempt the reassessment.  

Compensation is recorded on your transcript and marks statement, alongside your achieved mark.   

Should I take Compensation or go to Reassessment?  

This is your decision. You should weigh up both options in light of your overall performance and the degree classification you are aiming for. Reassessment is capped at the pass mark so you should consider this, along with how high the original fail mark is, and how close you are to another class in your degree classification. If you are in any doubt, read the further information for finalists and continuing students and speak to your Adviser or the Student Union Advice Centre if you have further questions.  

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