change to the requirement to pass all modules change to the requirement to pass all modules

Introduction of Compensation

The University has changed the Undergraduate and Integrated Masters award regulations to introduce some compensation.

Compensation: if a student has achieved good marks in all of their modules except for one module, they may have achieved the requirements for a degree or progress to the next year without undertaking reassessment. Different regulations apply for finalists and continuing students. Please see below for more details.

Compensation will only be available in some courses and will not be allowed in courses where all modules need to be passed, for example those for professional degrees.

Compensation will not be allowed in any module designated as core (those that must be passed to meet the learning outcomes of the course). 

A compensated module will be recorded on the students’ marks statements and transcripts with a grade of ‘compensated pass’ next to the achieved mark.


More information for Final Year UG and Integrated Masters Students

More information for Continuing Students

Modules Eligible for Compensation