participation in Quality Assurance participation in Quality Assurance

Student evaluation of courses/modules

At various times during your UEA career you will be invited to give feedback on your experience of your course and modules, by completing anonymous questionnaires. The information you provide is an important part of the University Quality Assurance process, enabling Academic Staff to take student views and experience into consideration when reviewing Modules and Courses every year. 

Guidance on Quality Assurance and Enhancement Taught Programmes


Staff/Student Committees

There are several student / staff committees which meet throughout the year. You can become a Student Representative on these committees, or pass on comments to your existing Student Representatives.

Guidance for Students on Committees


The following committees / groups all have student membership or representation from the Union of UEA Students.

  • School Boards - Students are represented on School Boards. They may also sit on Sub-Committees such as the Teaching Committee where the School has a formal committee of this nature.
  • Staff Student Liaison Committees or their equivalent - Each School has a Staff:Student Liaison Committee (SSLCs) or its equivalent which several students attend.
  • School Director of Learning, Teaching and Quality: regular update meetings with Students - The School Director of Learning, Teaching and Quality holds regular update meetings with students registered in the School.
  • Faculty Learning, Teaching and Quality Committees - One undergraduate and one postgraduate student representative sit on each Faculty Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee.
  • Learning and Teaching Committee - One student member nominated by the Students’ Council and two graduate students nominated by the Graduate Students’ Association are members of this committee as well as the Academic Officer and the Welfare Officer of the Union of UEA Students.
  • Student Experience Committee - A Sub-Committee of the Learning and Teaching Committee, this Committee is chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic). Members include the Academic Officer of the Union of UEA Students, the Welfare Officer and the President of the Graduate Students’ Association.
  • Regular Reviews of Courses - Courses are reviewed every 5 years and students are always consulted in the review process.
  • Student Affairs Group - This group is chaired by the Dean of Students and has the Academic Officer and Welfare Officer of the Union of UEA Students and the President of the Graduate Students’ Association as members of the Core Group. It meets fortnightly to consider operational rather than strategic matters (strategic issues are considered by the Student Experience Committee).


External Quality Assurance

The University is externally audited by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) for Higher Education. They ensure quality and standards in UK universities and colleges are maintained so that students have the best possible learning experience.