Module Enrolment 2020-21 Module Enrolment 2020-21

Online module enrolment (OME) takes place 11 March - 03 April 2020.

You are selecting your optional modules for the academic year 2020-21. Compulsory modules are added automatically. When your modules are confirmed they will appear on your timetable.

What you need to do

You submit your choices by completing online module enrolment and/or submitting the paper module enrolment form (LTS004) [link to forms] to the Hub. Choose from the following options to see which enrolment option you need to complete:



Your Course Profile, available via e:Vision, will indicate which modules you can choose to enrol on. Cross reference your preferences with your course profile to ensure you meet any module enrolment rules (i.e. pre-requisite modules)

You can view modules in other Schools. Click on the Module Information option found in the Module Details container on e:Vision. Change the year to 2020-21, and select the relevant Level Code and School. This brings up a list of modules and click on details for more information.

If there is a need to take a module not on your course profile, you may submit a Variation Course Profile request (LTS007) along with a paper Module Enrolment form (LTS004) to see if this is possible.

[Schools involved] hold module selection briefing sessions. Consult the briefings document for more information.

All students selecting Arts and Humanities modules (AMA, HIS, LDC, PPL)

HUM schools endeavour to enrol every student on their chosen modules. However, this may not always be possible. If a module is under-subscribed it may be cancelled. If a module is over-subscribed not all students will fit on it.

Students are removed from over-subscribed modules in the following order:

  1. Non-HUM students

  2. Students on courses not attached to the School running the module*

  3. Students who have not chosen a reserve

  4. Further reduction through random selection until module cap is met

Students studying Joint Honours are attached to both Schools and thus not removed from over-subscribed modules based on clause 2 if the modules are permitted based on their course profile

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