The Structure of the University and your degree The Structure of the University and your degree

Your Course Structure



The School you are enrolled in plus the award you are aiming for.

e.g. a BA(Hons) from the school of American Studies (AMS) or BSc(Hons) from the school of Biological Sciences (BIO)

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What you are aiming to get a degree ‘in' and more generally your area of study.

e.g. American and English Literature / Molecular Biology and Genetics

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Units of study with specific topics, which make up your course.

e.g. American Novels in the Early 20th Century or Genomes, Genes and Genomics.

Each course has compulsory and optional modules.

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Course Profile

The modules you can study as part of your course. Each module is worth credits, and you will need to achieve a certain number of credits to be eligible for your award. For most full time undergraduate courses, you need 120 credits each year. You should refer to your course profile to help you choose your modules.

Online Module Enrolment Guide (Course Profile Guide)