Studying for your Exams Studying for your Exams

Studying for your Exams



Study Skills

  • If you need help to study more effectively and improve your work you can visit the Learning Enhancement Team (LET) for expert guidance on study skills, academic writing, use of English, Maths and Statistics. This service is free for all students studying UEA courses.

  • The LET also offers advice on exam preparation, revision, workshops and how to deal with exam stress.


Learning Enhancement Team


Library Services

  • Information Services have a range of electronic materials, hints and tips to help you study efficiently and get the most out of the Library.

  • They also host a series of workshops every year to help you develop and enhance your academic information skills.

  • The Library gives you access to many online (and physical) repositories of information and research, including periodicals and journals. You can find a complete list of UEA Library’s electronic materials on their website, including JStor, Oxford Dictionaries, Elsevier, Box of Broadcasts, and Web of Science.


Library Homepage


Blackboard Module Pages

  • Each Module has its own Blackboard page where module leaders upload materials to help you study. This may include additional reading or exercises to help you prepare for exams and course tests.


Your Adviser

  • All taught students have an Adviser, who offers academic, professional and personal advice, guidance and support. Among other things, your Adviser can help you with exam technique and scheduling your revision.

  • If you are referred to reassessment, you will be invited to a meeting with your Adviser, in which you can discuss strategies to succeed the next time round.


Your Adviser - UPDATE LINK


Past Exam Papers

  • Past papers going back to 2012 are available on our website.

  • You can use past exam papers to practice your exam technique. Try to complete papers in exam conditions – that is, in the allotted time, in silence, and only using the materials permitted in the exam. This will help you to prepare for the actual exam experience.

  • Most exams (other than final year exams) are uploaded with feedback appended. You can use this feedback to learn which approaches were the most successful for previous students, and which pitfalls you should avoid.


Past Exam Papers