COVID-19 NOTICE for exams COVID-19 NOTICE for exams

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, all summative assessment, including examinations, will be carried out online through Blackboard. For more information please see the assessment FAQs here. 

You should also read our page on what to do on the day of your exam.

Exam timetables 2019-20 Exam timetables 2019-20

The Main Exam Series timetable for 2019-20.

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Exams Exams

General Guidance

Exams can be a major component of your academic career. We want to make sure that nothing stands in the way of your performance during this hectic time. Here are some things to know:

Rules and Regulations

Students can get into trouble during exams by accidentally breaching exam regulations so understanding the rules the UEA sets out for taking exams at the University is a good place to start.


If you are alleged to have committed an offence during your exam, the exam paper, any perceived offending material and your campus card will be taken from you; you will be interviewed after the exam. Evidence and materials will be reviewed by a committee before making a decision on any disciplinary action. If you need advice, please contact the Students’ Union and your Adviser.

Preparing and Sitting Your Exam

Past Exam Papers

Study Help

Sitting Your Exam

Calculators, Dictionaries, Scribes and Computers

assessment adjustments and concessions

If you have informed Student Services and LTS that you require assessment adjustments, these are taken into account when scheduling your exams. Once Student Services have approved your request, the Assessment and Quality Office (AQO) will contact you with information on your individual arrangements.

If you have any further queries about individual arrangements and concessions, contact the Assessment Office by email here

After your exam

What to expect after sitting your exam - Results and Reassessment

For further general questions about exams, contact your Hub.


Scheduling of exams

Exams at the University occur all year round; here are the key dates for 2019-20.

The University issues the dates of the examination period at the beginning of the academic year so that you can ensure that you will be free throughout the examination period and to plan your revision. For further information, see the Guide to How We Schedule Exams.

Your individual exam timetable will be published prior to the Easter break on e:Vision and sent to your UEA email. Should you have any issues with your timetable, please contact your Hub.

If you have informed us that you require individual arrangements for your exams, these are also taken into account in scheduling your exams. If you have requested an individual arrangement, you may get an email which tells you your arrangements are 'to be announced', this is because you will get another email at a later stage informing you of your individual exam arrangements such as a different location where you will sit your exam.

You can contact the Assessment Office by email here