How to submit your coursework How to submit your coursework

Submission Guidelines

The following is a guide to the understanding the rules governing UEA submission of coursework. For more details, please download our help document.

e:Vision Submission

Blackboard Submission

Paper Submission


Word Limits



Marks + Feedback

To find out the method (paper/e:vision) for submitting your assessment, go to the Assessment Submission tab in your e:vision account; details of the assessment type will be listed along with due dates.


e:Vision submission


For a complete guide, take a look at Submission of work for assessment using e:vision

  • You will be able to submit coursework electronically from one week before the deadline using the link from your e:vision page.
  • Late assessments must also be submitted electronically; however the link might not show up if you have already submitted once (either before or after the deadline). You can hand in your work directly to the Front Desk of the Hub in this case.
  • Work uploaded after 3pm on the deadline day will incur a late penalty unless you have an approved extension.
  • Remember to give yourself time in case you encounter any computer problems.

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Blackboard submission

Assessments can also be submitted via Blackboard. Your module organiser will inform you if your coursework is to be submitted via this route.

  • Blackboard offers the ability to submit various different kinds of media (depending on the assessment criteria). Detailed instructions are available on the UEA Learning Technology Assessment site.
  • A key point to remember is that you may save drafts at any point before the deadline but once you click submit, your submission is final. The submission point is open 7 days before the due date and for 40 days following the due date.
  • Work must be submitted by 3pm on the day of the deadline. It will incur a late penalty if you have not submitted by that time unless you have an approved extension.

If you encounter any problems, please contact your hub.

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Paper submission (hardcopy)


  • Paper submissions are hardcopies of your coursework usually handed into your Hub via a marked dropbox.
  • Dropboxes close at 3pm on the deadline day, so if you are submitting work after the original deadline (e.g. if you have an approved extension), hand in your coursework directly to your Hub’s Front Desk staff.
  • Paper submissions require a coversheet, which can be downloaded from e:vision; information must be completed on this to identify that it is your coursework (student number, module, assessment title) without including your name.
  • If you have an SpLD (Specific Learning Difficulty) and are submitting paper coursework, Student Support Services can provide you with stickers to indicate this.

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Work is submitted anonymously

All written coursework, project reports and dissertations with summative components should be identified by student number and not by name.

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Word limits

The word count should be written on the coversheet. The word count includes: footnotes/endnotes, references (in the main text), tables, illustrations, and if applicable the abstract, title page and contents page. Material in the appendix, bibliography or reference list is not included.

Penalties are only applied when the word limit is exceeded by more than 10%.

The marker flags any assessments they feel have exceeded the word limit to the Learning and Teaching Service. We then investigate the work and take any relevant action. The usual penalty is a deduction of 10 marks off the original mark.

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Extensions and Penalties for Late Submission

If you have a valid reason for needing an extension, you can submit an Extenuating Circumstances request via e:Vision before 3pm on the day of the deadline.

How to submit an EC Request on e:Vision


Self-certified extension

The University permits 2 self-certified extension requests per ‘academic year’, for 3 working days each. This means you do not need to submit evidence, but you must detail the circumstances. Requests must be submitted before 15:00 on the date of the deadline.

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If you submit a piece of late coursework without a valid reason, a late penalty could be applied. The following table details the penalties for late submission:


Work submitted (after deadline and…) Marks deducted
Up to 24 hours 10 marks
Up to 72 hours 20 marks
More than 72 hours All marks deducted
More than 20 days All marks deducted and work not marked


You can file an academic appeal for reconsideration if your request for an extension to a deadline has been denied. However, penalties are not open to appeal. Here is the Academic Appeals Procedure if you are considering this.

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Marks and Feedback

Feedback can be generic or specific and usually addresses the learning outcomes of the assignment.

The University aims to return coursework and feedback to students no later than 20 working days after the published deadline for submission. Exceptions to this include dissertations, placement reports, projects and portfolios, as well as any work submitted after the original deadline.

Provisional marks are published on your e:vision page. Marks are only finalised during the final Boards and it is a good idea for you to retain your summative coursework throughout your course in case the Board of Examiners needs this to make a decision.

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