How do I know whether my work is paper or electronic submission?

On the ‘Assessment and Awards’ section of your e:Vision page, all your assignments should be visible; these will included details of deadlines and type of submission.

How do I submit via Blackboard?

IT services has a step by step guide for submitting via Blackboard. Please note that Blackboard is no longer supported by both Internet Explorer and Edge.

Do I need to put my name on my work?

You should not put your name on your work. If submitting electronically through e:Vision, a coversheet is fixed via the upload process with your student number and module details to your work before it is printed off for marking. 

I am entitled to use sticker to identify that I have a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD). How do I apply this to an electronic submission?

Student Support Services’ (SSS) office assesses students for SpLDs and, if approved, it updates the Student Information System with your details. When you upload your work on to e: Vison you will be given the option of attaching a sticker. If your submission is on Blackboard, add a note (left hand side of submission screen) saying you have an SpLD sticker.

I am entitled to use sticker to identify that I have a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) but the option is not appearing when I upload my work. What should I do?

There may be a delay between applying for a SpLD and having it appear on the system. Go to your Hub for advice. 

I have a lot of coloured graphs and diagrams. Can I submit these electronically?

Electronic submissions are printed out in black and white unless your Module Organiser has specifically requested colour printing. You will be informed if this is the case. 

My module is set up for electronic submission but I want to submit a paper copy. Am I allowed to?

No. If a module assignment is set up for electronic submission, you should submit your work only electronically. If you run into any difficulties, please contact the Hub.

Will my work be marked online?

For e:Vision, your work is printed off and given to the markers in hard copy. You then collect your printed out work for any feedback. For Blackboard, your work will be marked online; feedback is then subsequently available online.

Will electronic submission mean that I will get my marked work back later than with paper submission?

No, the 20-day turnaround applies to all coursework assignments.  

I have made a mistake and uploaded the wrong file. What do I do?

For e:Vision, you can upload the correct file any time up to the deadline; uploading a new file overwrites the file you previously uploaded. For Blackboard, you can upload drafts any time up to the deadline but if you need to resubmit a final version, you will need to speak to the Hub for access.

My PDF is bigger than 5MB. What can I do?

This limit is in place to ensure that the system works efficiently and should be large enough for the majority of coursework assignments.  Reduce the file size of large pictures and graphs using the Compress Pictures tool under the FORMAT tab (Image 1) or optimize for Minimum Size when saving your file (Image 2).

Image 1


Image 2

How do I get a coursework coversheet to hand in with my paper copy?

On the ‘Assessment and Awards’ section of your e:Vision page, each assignment that is set up for hardcopy submission (paper) has the facility to print off a coursework coversheet. This is unique to the student and the assessment so please print one of for each assignment and do not print one out for your friends. There are also blank coversheets available at the Hub. 

How do I know which Hub to hand in the work to?

This is printed in the top right hand corner of your coursework coversheet.

What exactly should be pre-printed on my coversheet?

The coversheet will auto-populate with a barcode (unique to the module assignment and student number) and delivery point (the Hub managing the module), plus Section A fields: Student Registration Number, Module Organiser, Module Code, Module Title, Assignment Due Date and Assignment title. Students only need to add in their actual word count, the marker’s name where they have been asked by their lecturer to do so, and apply their Specific Learning Difficulty sticker if appropriate.

My coursework has attachments (3D items, discs etc). How should I submit them?

You can submit any bulky or fragile items directly to your Hub’s front desk staff.

The Coursework coversheet has a Word Count Box. Do I have to fill this in?

Yes. Work will be penalised if it goes over the word limit. Please record the actual number of words in the text of your assignment. It should not include appendices, footnotes, endnotes, bibliographies, data, coding, graphs, charts, diagrams, tables and their labels.

What should I include in my word count?

The count should include the words in the text, footnotes and endnotes (non-bibliographic), references in the main text, tables and illustrations and if applicable the abstract, title page and contents page; it should not include appendices, bibliographic footnotes and endnotes, bibliographies, data, coding, graphs, charts, diagrams, and their labels.

Can I submit to the Hub after the staff have gone home?

The deadline for submission is 15:00 (3pm). Hub staff are available between 8am and 6pm to receive coursework or answer queries. The coursework boxes will be available during hours when university buildings are open (7am-10pm Arts and Efry; 7am-8pm ZICER).

I have an extension for a piece of work. What is the hand-in process?

All work handed in after the deadline should be handed in by the same method as those submitted before the deadline. For the majority of assignments this will be electronically. If an assessment was set for hardcopy submission, you can hand this into the front desk of your Hub.

I submitted my work on time. How can I check this?

Assessments submitted electronically are time-stamped during the upload process; this is displayed via e:Vision. For paper submissions, the assessment is recorded as “on time” and this can be checked on e:Vision usually the day after submission.

I don’t receive a receipt for work handed in via the drop-box. How do I know that it has been safely received?

The ‘Assessment and Awards’ section of your e:Vision page updates once the work has been logged on to the system, which is usually the day after the deadline.

I handed in my work early, but my e:Vision record hasn’t logged the receipt of it.

Work is not logged until after the deadline, so please check again the day after the deadline. If it still isn't logged by the end of the following day come see us at the Hub.

Can I use paperclips or staples to secure my coversheet and work?

Please use only staples as paperclips can become detached. Do not put your work in envelopes or plastic sleeves as this can delay processing.

I haven’t printed off a coversheet, and do not have time before the deadline. Can I submit my work without a coversheet?

It is your responsibility to have a coursework coversheet attached to your work; it speeds up the process of logging the work and getting it to the marker. However, if it is unavoidable, please make sure your registration number and module code is on your work.

What happens if I cannot print or see my coversheet?

Blank paper hardcopies of the coversheet are available at your Hub. If this is not possible before the deadline, hand in the work anyway, making sure your registration number and module code is on the work.

Do I print my work single- or double-sided?

You should check with the person setting the work. Most prefer single-sided work, as it easier to mark.