Certificates and Transcripts Certificates and Transcripts

After your studies you may require a variety of official documents to show to potential employers or for progression to further study.


Official Transcripts/Diploma Supplements

An Academic Transcript gives details of a student’s academic studies at UEA. Depending on the years and course studied the format of UEA Transcripts varies. All Transcripts contain information on the course and modules studied, and degree awarded, but the style varies depending on the course studied and the year of graduation.


Replacement UEA Certificates (parchments)

If you have had your degree, certificate or diploma conferred, either in person or in absentia (by post), by the University of East Anglia and have lost the certificate (parchment), we are able to provide you with a certified replacement copy.


Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

The University will be launching the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) soon. This report is designed to provide additional information over and above that which is already included in official University transcripts. It is anticipated that students will be able to share their HEAR with prospective employers and other interested parties. It is important to note that, as with transcripts, the HEAR will show all marks for all modules studied for the duration of your course.

It will also be possible for the University to validate certain types of extra-curricular activity undertaken whilst you are at UEA.

More details on the types of activity that will be recorded will be provided when the HEAR is launched.