The Day of your Exam The Day of your Exam

Exam PreparationIn order to prepare for your examination or course tests, ensure you thoroughly read through all the exam preparation guidance.

Exam timetables

You will receive your individual timetables by email and e:Vision prior to the Easter break. You will receive a list of exams, including where and when they are taking place. It is your responsibility to ensure you know the location of the exam venue and how long it will take you to get there on the day of your exam. If you are late you may not be permitted to enter the exam hall.


Avoid Cheating

Some students who get into trouble during exams never meant to cheat so check you know the rules before you go in. It is your responsibility to check that the items you take into exams are allowed and that there are no notes in any of the books you take into the exam – this includes handwriting in dictionaries. Invigilators will be present throughout the exam to monitor any toilet breaks and to ensure no cheating is taking place via notes, mobile phones, smart watches, collusion (eg talking to another student) etc. If you commit an offence in an exam, your exam paper, offending material and campus card will be taken from you and you will be interviewed after the exam. The offence will then be reviewed and the course of action determined based on the level of the offence. If you need advice, please contact the Students’ Union, Student Support Service Office or your Adviser.

On the Day - Checklist
Campus Card - Don't forget to bring your campus card to the exam. We will use this to check your attendance at the exam.
No Mobile Phone, Smart Watch or any Electronic Devices - Do not bring items you are not allowed to take into the exam as there may not be a place to store them (e.g. mobile phones) Read the guidance documents above and make sure you know what is allowed to be taken into the exam.
Arrive in Time - Make sure you arrive in good time before the exam is due to start, it is a requirement to be there 20 minutes beforehand.
Non-Attendance - If you don't turn up for the exam, your non-attendance will be recorded. If you are ill on the day of the exam, you must contact your Hub immediately.
Exam Conduct - Before the exam starts, a member of the Assessments Office staff will run you through the rules on exam conduct
Listen - Exam Invigilators will make announcements before you enter the exam hall and once you have taken your seat. Listen carefully for instructions on where to sit and any special instructions for answering your paper. Do not turn over your exam question paper until the invigilator tell you to start your exam.
No Cheating - "I didn't know" is not an excuse so check you know the rules before you start your exam.